South Africa – Apocalypse Now Now

Every land has its mythical creatures. Their tales are passed down from parent to child. Ever wonder what the adult version would look like?

South Africa – Apocalypse Now Now2021-04-18T17:06:20+00:00

Kenya – Ghosts of Tsavo

It has been over a century since Chesterton argued that detectives are the urban equivalent of the knight, and the world has changed beyond recognition.

Kenya – Ghosts of Tsavo2021-04-15T17:02:11+00:00

Saudi Arabia – HWJN

In 2012, Yasser Bahjatt delivered a Ted Talk about how science fiction advances actual science. Science fiction propels humanity forward, and you see it in every region of the world except – The Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia – HWJN2021-04-08T17:51:41+00:00

Bahrain – Titanlord: of Death and Sacrifice

In September, 2020, Bahrain became the fourth Arab country to officially recognize Israel by agreeing to sign the Abraham Accords negotiated by President Donald Trump.

Bahrain – Titanlord: of Death and Sacrifice2021-04-07T17:34:13+00:00

Bengal – “Sultana’s Dream”

Throughout history, women have learned that the higher they climbed the social ladder, the more their freedoms were going to be curtailed.

Bengal – “Sultana’s Dream”2021-04-05T17:59:20+00:00

Singapore – The Black Tides of Heaven

I was expecting a light story about teenagers, in a technological world based on Singapore. Instead I got a story about family, war, and class struggle, in a world, different from all the other magical worlds I had read until now.

Singapore – The Black Tides of Heaven2021-04-04T18:17:48+00:00

South Korea – Familiar Things

Seoul is a city where ancient temples and new skyscrapers intersect – to create a lot of garbage. All this garbage has to go somewhere, and in Seoul that somewhere is landfills.

South Korea – Familiar Things2021-04-01T20:29:16+00:00

1921 – Going Home

1921. Gucci is founded, the Bloody Mary is invented, and White Castle restaurants open in Wichita Kansas - the world’s first fast food restaurants.

1921 – Going Home2021-03-18T21:45:26+00:00
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