Cuba – Red Dust

This book is many things, but mainly it is the diary of a Caribbean Zombie, and his attempt to decipher what it means to be human.

Cuba – Red Dust2021-05-24T19:56:31+00:00

Brazil – The Last 8

Sao Paulo used to be known for it’s insane traffic, but then Covid hit.

Brazil – The Last 82021-04-25T17:40:50+00:00

Iraq – Iraq+100

Baghdad used to be the most important city in the Arab world until the Mongols torched it.

Iraq – Iraq+1002021-04-09T08:50:26+00:00

Malaysia – Cyberpunk: Malaysia

There are a lot of things I didn’t know about Malaysia. I didn’t know, for example, that it has a pretty thriving geek community which in 2015 produced an anthology called Cyberpunk: Malaysia.

Malaysia – Cyberpunk: Malaysia2021-04-03T19:03:11+00:00

China – The Three-Body Problem

The Cultural Revolution was a brutal period in Chinese history. No one was safe during this period. Anyone who showed any signs of independent thinking was a legitimate target.

China – The Three-Body Problem2021-04-02T12:45:12+00:00

South Korea – Solo Leveling

You cannot visit East Asia and not read a web novel. I’m sorry you just can’t.

South Korea – Solo Leveling2021-04-01T20:08:12+00:00

Japan – Biogenesis

In 2005 the Japanese Archipelago was designated a biodiversity hotspot by Conservation International. The islands are home to thousands of unique species.

Japan – Biogenesis2021-03-31T18:47:54+00:00

1922 – The Girl in The Golden Atom

1922. President Harding installs the first radio device in the White House, and becomes the first president to deliver a broadcasted speech.

1922 – The Girl in The Golden Atom2021-03-19T11:11:48+00:00

1920 – We

1920. The Russian Civil War is mostly over.

1920 – We2021-03-19T11:07:04+00:00

1912 – The Lost World

1912. British explorer, Robert Falcon Scott, and his men place second in a race to the South Pole.

1912 – The Lost World2021-03-19T10:58:44+00:00
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