Poland – The Dedalus Book of Polish Fantasy

The Devil, AKA Satan, is a core part of the Polish tradition, and there are many stories of all types detailing the Prince of Darkness’ exploits there throughout the centuries.

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Ukraine – Vita Nostra

Sometimes I have absolutely no idea where to start. Should I try and tie the book to Ukraine somehow? See if I can find a connection to the Soviet Union or the post-Communist era? Maybe there is something to be said about Ukrainian/Russian/Soviet university dorms? Or maybe I should talk about fear and psychological horror? Let’s go with that.

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Estonia – The Man Who Spoke Snakish

Originally humans were the brothers of snakes. Snakes are the highest order of being, capable of communicating and commanding all animals. They taught their language, Snakish, to humans, and for many thousands of years humans and snakes lived in harmony in the forest.

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Norway – Odin’s Child

Roleplaying games are one of the funnest, if not the best, ways to bring a character to life.

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Iceland – Shadows of The Short Days

Iceland is a tiny Nordic island in the North Atlantic Ocean, sparsely populated, with a sun that doesn’t always set.

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Canada – Clockwork Canada

Canada is the perfect setting for steampunk. In this collection of short stories, fifteen authors reimagine Queen Victoria’s former domain as a steam-powered sci-fi/fantasy setting.

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United States – American Hippo

“The plan was that the hippos would eat the ruinously invasive water hyacinth; the American people would eat the hippos; everyone would go home happy. Well, except the hippos. They’d go home eaten.”

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Mexico – Quesadillas

There are no translated Science Fiction or Fantasy novels written in Mexico. I spent many hours on Google in pursuit of this quest. I blame magic realism.

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Jamaica – Black Leopard, Red Wolf

Tracker (no other name) is an infamous mercenary; he has a red wolf’s eye, a nose that can track any person from any distance, and a spell cast upon him by a Sangoma (a kind of witch, but don’t call her that) that protects him against metals and poisons.

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Cuba – Red Dust

This book is many things, but mainly it is the diary of a Caribbean Zombie, and his attempt to decipher what it means to be human.

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